Air Tours

FLY over the Black Hills of South Dakota!

Experience the thrill of flight while viewing attractions like…
Mount Rushmore
Crazy Horse
Devils Tower
Black Hills Lakes
Gold Mines
Tinton Ghost Town

Great photo opportunities!

We have several packages for you ranging from a 30-minute tour of local sites to a two-hour See-It-All trip around the Black Hills.

Eagles’ View Air Tours

30 Minute Gold Country Tour
Deadwood - Lead – Whitewood Creek – Spearfish - Gold Mines – Spearfish Canyon – Dunbar
$109.00/person, minimum 2 people

70 Minute Devils Tower Tour
Tinton Ghost Town – Gold Mines – Spearfish – Devils Tower – Sundance – Spearfish Canyon
$149.00/person, minimum 2 people

80 Minute Mt. Rushmore Tour
Deadwood - Lead – Whitewood Creek – Gold Mines - Spearfish – Spearfish Canyon – Black Hills Lakes – Crazy Horse – Mt. Rushmore
$175.00/person, minimum 2 people

2-Hour See-It-All Tour
Devil’s Tower – Crazy Horse – Mt. Rushmore – Black Hills Lakes – Deadwood – Lead – Spearfish – Spearfish Canyon
$260.00/person, minimum 2 people



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