Full Service FBO

At Eagle Aviation, you can expect the best quality customer service for all your aircraft needs. Upon arrival, our staff will help you obtain fuel and parking. We have competitively priced 100LL Avgas and Jet-A fuels available. Overnight tiedowns are free at Black Hills Airport.

Here are some of the major FBO services we provide:

  • Fuel - Avgas and Jet A (with anti-icing additive)
  • Oil (all types)
  • Tiedowns
  • Heated transient hangar space
  • Aircraft and Engine Pre-heat & De-ice
  • GPU
  • Oxygen Service
  • Gourmet Catering Service
  • Air-conditioned Passenger Lounge with free coffee, television, phone, snack and soda vending machines
  • Pilot Supplies from ASA
  • Pilot flight planning room
  • Shower

Eagle Aviation provides the best FBO service in the region.



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